From a TEDx audience, to university classrooms, to libraries, to high school career days, Stuart has spoken to an array of crowds across the US.

As a verbal and visual individual Stuart is an effective presenter to live audiences and can connect with sizes from 10 to thousands. It’s a privilege for Stuart to share his work and experience.

Topics are tailored specifically for each audience. Here are a few to choose from if you’d like some ideas:

Wildfire Coverage & Media Safety:

  • Media safety and best practices for working press at wildfires and natural disasters

  • Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM) of images and communication for agencies acting as first responders in natural disasters


  • The Terra Flamma Project, Wildfires, and Climate Change

  • Storytelling in Photography and Documentary Journalism

  • Executing and funding a long term photography project

  • Following your passion and sustainably pursuing a creative career

Stuart is also available for consulting on projects involving media at wildfires or film productions. He regularly works with individual clients on commercial, editorial, and fine art photographic commissions.

I thought the event went exceptionally well, and that was in large part because of your dynamic and topical presentation.
— Lori A Black, Southern Methodist University, Development and External Affairs
I have had a number of people tell me how much they enjoyed the evening.
— Paul Wormser, Library Director, Sherman Library & Garden